The WASCO AWARD for the Most Artistic Entry - 2010

The WASCO Most Artistic Entry Award is presented to the most artistic piece in a taxidermy competition. The winner is chosen collectively by all of the judges from the entire competition. WASCO Award winners receive a polished acrylic award and a gift certificate from WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company). The following taxidermists have been recognized by their peers for their innovation, skill, artistic talent and high quality. Clicking on entries highlighted blue will display a photograph of the winning entry.

Steve Rolan, Troy, SC. - Coyote and Bobcat
February 13, 2010, Florida State Taxidermists Association

Grant Willborn, Ogden, UT. - Common Eider
February 13, 2010, Utah Taxidermist Association

Joe Boggs, Aurora, IN. - Snow Goose
February 20, 2010, Association of Indiana Taxidermists

Chip Hayes, Manchester, TN. - Wild Turkey and Squirrel
February 20, 2010, National Wild Turkey Federation

Randy Terry, Ft. Smith, AR. - Canvasbacks
February 27, 2010, Arkansas Taxidermy Association

Rodney Casteel, Juliette, GA. - Group of Harlequin
February 27, 2010, Georgia Taxidermist Association

Brian Banbury and Cary Cochran, Perrysville, OH. - Tundra Swan and Cygnets
February 27, 2010, Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association

Mike Orthober, Egg Harbor, WI. - Bobwhite Quail
February 27, 2010, Wisconsin Taxidermists Association

Dan Williams, Palmer, AK. - Alligator
February 27, 2010, Alaska Taxidermists Association

Jacob Clark, Pleasant Plains, AR. - Silver Fox, Crow and Grouse
March 13, 2010, Southern Regional Taxidermy Convention

Page Nethercutt, New Bern, NC. - Tawny Owl
March 13, 2010, South Carolina Association of Taxidermists

Andy Lundbohm, East Grand Fork, MN. - Walleye
March 13, 2010, North Dakota Taxidermists Association

Terry Vining and Dietrich Thomas, Michigan - Cape Buffalo
March 20, 2010, Michigan Taxidermist Association

Tim Martin, Boonsboro, MD. - White Mandarin Duck Group
March 20, 2010, Virginia Taxidermists Association

Amber Gonnerman, St. Ansgar, IA. - Coyote
March 20, 2010, South Dakota Taxidermist Association

Stephen Dotson, Jackson, MO. - Mallard
March 27, 2010, Illinois Taxidermist Association

Tyler Hoffman, Missoula, MT. - King Eider
March 27, 2010, Montana Taxidermists Association

Cory Foth, Peabody, KS. - Largemouth Bass
March 27, 2010, Kansas Association of Taxidermists

Dave Rooney, Richmond, CA. - White Crappie
March 27, 2010, California Association of Taxidermists

Denny Cutright, Mill Creek, WV. - Pronghorn Antelope
March 27, 2010, Ohio State Taxidermy Championships

Gary Bohochik, Salida, CO. - Mountain Lion
March 27, 2010, New Mexico Taxidermy Association

Mark Gonnering, New London, WI. - Whitetail Deer
March 27, 2010, Iowa Taxidermy Association

Roy Wing, Manchester, ME. - Bobcats
April 2, 2010, Maine Association of Taxidermists

Scott Vohnoutka, Savage, MN. - Red Fox and Partridge
April 10, 2010, Minnesota Taxidermy Guild

Gerald Blackwelder, Montrose, CO. - Pintail Drake
April 10, 2010, Wyoming Association of Taxidermy Artists

Brandon Zahn, Boling, TX. - Canada Goose
April 17, 2010, Louisiana Taxidermists Association

Ryan Dolan, Brunswick, OH. - Mandarin Group
April 24, 2010, West Virginia Taxidermy Association

Don Miller, Fulton, NY. - Pedestal Coyote
May 1, 2010, United Taxidermists of New York

David Duong, Raleigh, NC. - Canvasback
May 15, 2010, Surry Taxidermy Mini-Course

Josh Jackson, Odenville, AL - Black Duck and Gadwall
May 22, 2010, Mississippi State Taxidermy Association

John Sanzo, Troiless, Ontario - Long-Eared Owl
May 22, 2010, L'association de Taxidermie du Quebec

Grant Willborn, Ogden, UT. - Harlequin Duck Group
June 5, 2010, Colorado Taxidermist Association

Chip Hayes, Manchester, TN. - Mallard Drake
June 5, 2010, Tennessee Taxidermists Association

Mitch Sanchotena, Middleton, ID. - Cougar
June 5, 2010, Idaho Taxidermists Association

Gary King, Bloomingburg, NY. - Wood Duck Group
June 5, 2010, New England Association of Taxidermists

Chris Krueger, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO. - Javelina
June 12, 2010, Arizona Taxidermy Artists Association

Tony Heisey, Marietta, PA. - Pair of Quaker Parrots
June 20, 2010, Eastern Regional Taxidermy Convention

Clinton Hall, Redmond, OR. - Pronghorn Antelope
June 26, 2010, Western Regional Taxidermy Competition

Carolin Brak-Dolny, Frankford, Ontario - Raccoon
June 18, 2010, Canadian Taxidermists Association

Bob Rowe, Stillwater, OK.- Sunfish
June 26, 2010, Oklahoma Taxidermists Association

Shane Smith, Bridgeport, AL - Strutting Wild Turkey
June 26, 2010, Alabama Taxidermists Association

Ed Kunelius, Barrington, NH. - White Pheasant
June 26, 2010, Vermont Taxidermy Classic

Todd Kranau, Blue Hill, NE. - Zebra
June 26, 2010, Nebraska State Taxidermists Association

Lowell Shapley, Porter TX. - Mandarins
July 10, 2010, Texas Taxidermy Association

Brice Wangler, Centralia, IL. - Canada Goose
July 17, 2010, National Taxidermists Association

Gary King, Bloomingburg, NY. - Wood Duck
July 24, 2010, Garden State Taxidermy Association

Chris Barnhardt, Concord, NC. - Wildebeest
July 31, 2010, North Carolina Taxidermists Association

Brian Harness, Harrison, AR. - Red Fox
July 31, 2010, Missouri Taxidermists Association

Brett DeFreitas, Boaz, KY. - Osceola Turkeys
August 8, 2010, Kentucky Taxidermy Association

Chris Horne, Mt Joy, PA. - Smallmouth Bass
September 12, 2010, PTA Cabela's Taxidermy Competition

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