The WASCO AWARD for the Most Artistic Entry - 2013

Congratulations to 2013's Most Artistic Taxidermists!

The WASCO Most Artistic Entry Award is presented to the most artistic piece in a taxidermy competition. The winner is chosen collectively by all of the judges from the entire competition. WASCO Award winners receive a polished acrylic award and a gift certificate from WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company). The following taxidermists have been recognized by their peers for their innovation, skill, artistic talent and high quality. Clicking on entries highlighted blue will display a photograph of the winning entry.

Chris Henzie - Whitetail Deer
September 9, 2012, Pennsylvania Taxidermy Association - Mini-Competition

Jacob Clark, Pleasant Plains, Arkansas - Lynx
February 9, 2013, Arkansas Taxidermy Assoication

Jeff Whitlock, Port Orange, Florida - Wild Boar
February 16, 2013, Florida State Taxidermist Association

Steve Kinker, Greensburg, Indiana - Life-Size Beaver
February 17, 2013, Association of Indiana Taxidermists

Kristopher Kave, Martinsburg, West Virginia - Turkey
February 17, 2013, National Wild Turkey Federation

Rodney Casteel, Juliette, Georgia - Duck
February 23, 2013, Georgia Taxidermy Association

Josh Hunt, Morgan, Utah - Mule Deer
February 24, 2013, Utah Taxidermists Association

Jim Willard, Brownsville, Wisconsin - Mule Deer
February 24, 2013, Wisconsin Taxidermy Association

Bob Hammerich, Glasford, Illinois - Turkey
March 9, 2013, Illinois Taxidermist Association

Shawn Mertz, Bismarck, ND - Gobi Argali
March 9, 2013, North Dakota Taxidermists Association

Andrew Lukatch, Latrobe, Pennsylvania - Brown Trout
March 9, 2013, Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association

David Strickland, Kannapolis, North Carolina - Reproduction Frog
March 9, 2013, North Carolina Association of Taxidermists

Tim Martin, Boonsboro, Maryland - Pheasant
March 16, 2013, Virginia Taxidermists Association

Peter Civanlo, Gilroy, California - Eider
March 17, 2013, California Association of Taxidermists

Brian Olson, Platteville, Wisconsin - Zebra
March 17, 2013, Iowa Taxidermy Association

Tyler Hoffman, Missoula, Montana - Ringneck Duck
March 22, 2013, Montana Taxidermist Association

Mickey Bowman, Lawton, Oklahoma - Brook Trout
March 24, 2013, Kansas Association of Taxidermists

George Elekes, LaSalle, Ontario - Wolf
March 24, 2013, Michigan Taxidermist Association

Vince Gallegos, Santa Fe, New Mexico - Lynx
March 24, 2013, Michigan Taxidermist Association

Tyler Erickson, Brookings, South Dakota - Walleye
March 24, 2013, South Dakota Taxidermists Association

Clint Kimball, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada - Smallmouth Bass
April 6, 2013, Canadian Taxidermy Association

Tim Perkins, Cornell, Wisconsin - Bluegill
April 7, 2013, Minnesota Taxidermy Guild

Casey Watterson, Mount Gilead, Ohio - Yellow Perch
April 7, 2013, Ohio Taxidermy Association

Korey Alleman, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana - Shovelers
April 13, 2013, Mississippi State Taxidermy Association

Chris Horne, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania - Alligator
April 21, 2013, West Virginia Taxidermy Association

Steve Marrou, Cheyenne, Wyoming - Antelope Pedestal
April 21, 2013, Wyoming Association of Taxidermy Artists

Ted Weyengerg, Combined Locks, Wyoming - Woodduck
May 5, 2013, Louisiana Taxidermy Association

Brian Stillwell, Iron Station, North Carolina - Turkey
May 18, 2013, Surrey Community College Mini-Course

Arnold Wright, Athen, Ontario - King Eider, Harlequin Drake, Drake Long Tail
May 19, 2013, Quebec Taxidermy Association

Kevin Birznieks, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado - Kokanee Salmon
June 8, 2013, Colorado Taxidermist Association

Jerry St. Pierre, Vestal, New York - Gray Fox
April 7, 2013, United Taxidermists of New York

Drew Widetich, Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Canvasback
June 2, 2013, Nebraska State Taxidermist Association

Pete Ciraulo, Gilroy, California - Gadwall Pair
June 9, 2013, Arizona Taxidermy and Artist Association

Lowell Shapley, Porter, Texas - Rooster
June 15, 2013, Oklahoma Taxidermists Association

Kevin Lucier, Yakima, Washington - Turkey
June 15, 2013, Idaho Taxidermists Association

Blake Wilson, Union Grove, Alabama - Hybrid Blue-Wing Teal
June 23, 2013, Alabama Taxidermy Association

Joe Hitz, Prairie City, Oregon - Rattlesnake
June 29, 2013, Oregon Association of Taxidermists

Brandon Zahn, Boling, Texas - Mottled Duck
June 29, 2013, Texas Taxidermy Assoication

John Paul Barber, Sweeny, Texas - Shoveler
July 20, 2013, National Taxidermists Association

Gary King, Middletown, New York - Flying Oldsquaw
July 28, 2013, Garden State Taxidermist Association

Kevin Hastings, Cherryville, North Carolina - Cinnamon Teal Ducks
July 28, 2013, Maryland Taxidermy Association (E.R.)

Steve Tugwell, Farmville, North Carolina - Wild Boars
August 3, 2013, North Carolina Taxidermist Association

Harry Whitehead, Lexington, Kentucky - King Eider
August 4, 2013, Kentucky Taxidermists Association

Marcus Detring, Farmington, Missouri - Pine Marten
August 4, 2013, Missouri Taxidermists Association

Matt Marulli, Oxford, Connecticut - Hen Eider
August 10, 2013, Maine Association of Taxidermists

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