The WASCO AWARD for the Most Artistic Entry - 2014

Congratulations to 2014's Most Artistic Taxidermists!

The WASCO Most Artistic Entry Award is presented to the most artistic piece in a taxidermy competition. The winner is chosen collectively by all of the judges from the entire competition. WASCO Award winners receive a polished acrylic award and a gift certificate from WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company). The following taxidermists have been recognized by their peers for their innovation, skill, artistic talent and high quality. Clicking on entries highlighted blue will display a photograph of the winning entry.

Chip Hayes, Manchester, Tennessee - Turkey
February 16, 2014, National Wild Turkey Federation Convention

Chad Draper, Bluffdale, Utah - Mule Deer
February 16, 2014, Utah Taxidermists Association

Wallace "Frog" Mullis, Hawkinsville, Georgia - Wild Boar
February 22, 2014, Georgia Taxidermist Association

Mike Nakielski, Iron Ridge, Wisconsin - Wood Duck
February 23, 2014, Wisconsin Taxidermists Association

Jason Vanderpool, Tulsa, Oklahoma - Goose
March 1, 2014, Arkansas Taxidermist Association

Amy Carter, Statesville, North Carolina - Otter Pedestal
March 8, 2014, South Carolina Association of Taxidermists

Dennis Wessner, Tower City, Pennsylvania - Ocellated Turkey
March 8, 2014, Pennsylvania Taxidermists Association

Stephen Dotson, Jackson, Missouri - Ruddy Duck
March 9, 2014, Illinois Taxidermist Association

Zachary Pennington, Camden, Arkansas - Otters
March 9, 2014, Southern Regional Taxidermy Convention

Bill Neuman, Bismark, North Dakota - Wolves
March 9, 2014, North Dakota Taxidermists Association

Tyler Hoffman, Missoula, Montana - Oldsquaw
March 16, 2014, Montana Taxidermists Association

Hayward Cloud, Napa, California - Three White Mandarin Ducks
March 22, 2014, California Association of Taxidermists

Brian Cassidy, Fithian, Illinois - Flying Pintail
March 23, 2014, Association of Indiana Taxidermists

Branden O'Hare, Omaha, Nebraska - Coyote & House Sparrow
March 23, 2014, South Dakota Taxidermist Association

Greg Pollauf, Oregon, Ohio - White-Fronted Goose
March 23, 2014, Michigan Taxidermist Association

Dave Selenke, Viola, Kansas - Otter
March 30, 2014, Kansas Taxidermist Association

Chad See, Valley Head, West Virginia - Brown Trout
March 30, 2014, West Virgina Taxidermy Association

Kyle Lakey, Galesville, Wisconsin - Mule Deer
March 30, 2014, Iowa Taxidermy Association

Mark Maier, Chillicothe, Ohio - Teal
April 6, 2014, Ohio Taxidermists Association

Mike Nakielski, Iron Ridge, Wisconsin - Wood Duck Hen
April 6, 2014, Minnesota Taxidermy Guild

Don Miller, Fulton, New York - Pedestal Coyote
April 12, 2014, United Taxidermists of New York

Kyle Landry, Grand Isle, Louisiana - Harlequin Drake
April 12, 2014, Mississippi State Taxidermy Association

Lynn Stewart, Dubois, Wyoming - Bighorn Sheep
April 12, 2014, Wyoming Association of Taxidermist Artists

Mike Nakielski, Iron Ridge, Wisconsin - Wood Duck Pair
May 3, 2014, United Taxidermist Association

Terry Johnson, Mesa, Arizona - Smallmouth Bass
May 15, 2014, New Mexico Taxidermy Association

Zachary Pennington, Camden, Arkansas - Otters
June 1, 2014, Tennessee Taxidermists Association

Drew Widetich, Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Surf Scoter Pair
June 1, 2014, Nebraska State Taxidermists Association

David Whitney, Sherman, Connecticut - Black Hawaiian Ram
June 7, 2014, New England Association of Taxidermists

Dirk Bawden, Erda, Utah - Springbok
June 7, 2014, Colorado Taxidermist Association

Dale Buffenmyer, Hawthorne, Florida - Redhead Pair
June 7, 2014, Florida State Taxidermists Association

Lowell Shapely, Wanette, Oklahoma - Macaw
June 14, 2014, Oklahoma Taxidermists Association

Joshua Jackson, Odenville, Alabama - Red Head Drake
June 22, 2014, Alabama Taxidermist Association

Pete Ciraulo, Gilroy, California - Resting Scaup
June 28, 2014, Oregon Association of Taxidermists

Butch Bragg, Middlebury, Vermont - Whitetail Deer
July 12, 2014, Garden State Taxidermists Association

Fred Barilla, Carle Place, New York - Pheasant
July 19, 2014, National Taxidermists Association

Tim Young, Frederick, Maryland - Big Horn Sheep
July 26, 2014, Maryland Taxidermists Association

Paul Reynolds, Dayton, Maine - Mallard Chick
August 10, 2014, Maine Association of Taxidermists

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