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The Edge Mannikins Benefit

Age-Based Anatomy

The Edge Series is based upon the study and recording of the progressive growth and seasonal changes of hundreds of live whitetail deer over the past twenty years. A 1 1/2 year old deer will look different than a 3 1/2 year old deer with similar measurements, and The Edge is the only deer line that reflects this change. This feature will produce more realistic mounts with better fitting skins.

Positive-Set Eye Sockets

There's no need to grind out eye sockets any more to achieve correct angles. The Edge deer heads are set up for easy installation of all major artificial eye styles. The brow and orbit areas are pre-set at the correct depth, so very little clay is required.

Positive-Set Earbutts

No matter what kind of earliners you use, you will save time with The Edge mannikin's positive set earbutts. Designed to fit the Eppley Ear-Tech System, you can attach ear bases before mounting if desired. Additionally, there is no excess earbutt to rasp away. This helps with the application of short-Y incision capes. The exact indication of the acusticus externus (ear canal) from the skull accommodates positive ear location.

Season-Based Musculature

The musculature on The Edge is based 100% upon anatomical accuracy. All muscle definition is founded in reality, not fanciful styling. The Summer deer really look like summer deer, and the the rut is characterized throughout the sculpture, not merely a swelled neck.

Anatomically Accurate Brisket

The skin aligns properly to our new accurate brisket design which includes the small portion of the front leg. Not too wide, these briskets will produce beautiful results with no pulling or tugging of the skin. The front legs may be easily rasped off if not desired.

Skeletal Frame in All Models

The use of a real skeletal frame within each Edge model insures the proper shoulder width, neck length, and proper head-neck and neck-shoulder unions. This devotion to accuracy greatly increases the time and expense involved in developing these sculptures, as in-between sizes are never guessed at or interpolated.

Sculpting Quality

Newly developed sculpting methods produce the most symmetrical and concentric surface areas possible. The result is a beautiful mannikin which requires much less preparation time to get it ready for the skin. This means added profit for your studio.

The Neck Actually Turns Like a Live Deer

You will definitely notice the new look of the "turns" in The Edge. Unlike other mannikin lines, which uniformly turn a neck through a series of stacked disc slices rotated in progression, The Edge series turns its head like a live deer, tilting at the 7th cervical vertebra with rotation between the 1st cervical vertebra (atlas) and the 2nd vertebra. This produces the most natural-looking turns of any deer line.

Positive-Fit Headblock Angles

The newly designed positive fit angles require less time and materials for the setting of antlers. Heavy-duty 3/4" plywood headblocks and backboards hold your screws securely and will never warp.

Consistency in Posture and Turns

The posture and pose of every mannikin within The Edge series is consistent throughout all sizes. Every turn angle is the same exact 30 degree, and every upright has the same attitude, so you will never have to disappoint a customer who wants a pose not available in their trophy's size.