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Whitetail Floor / Table Pedestals

Whitetail Floor and Table Pedestal Forms


Floor and table pedestal forms are a great option for your trophy whitetail mounts! The forms are anatomically accurate and easy to mount.


Create an impressive display base with a wood pedestal, artificial pedestal rock or try one of McKenzie's Pre-Finished Habitat Bases.


We are excited to introduce our Whitetail Savings Club. In summary, the more whitetail shoulder mannikins you buy, the more you save on freight! The complete details can be viewed by clicking the link for the Whitetail Savings Club.


  Item # ABCDTurnEyePrice  
98FP-7019R7 19 18 21 1/2 RT - Light Swell NeckM30AS - M30PR$79.55Buy Online
98FP-7120R7 1/4 20 19 22 1/2RT - Light Swell NeckM30AS - M30PR$82.95Buy Online
98FP-7121R7 1/4 2119 1/223 1/2 RT - Medium Swell NeckM30AS - M30PR$84.10Buy Online
HD-7017RFP7171618RTM30AS - M30PR$77.10Buy Online
HD-7121LFP7 1/42118 1/222LTM32AS - M32PR$84.10Buy Online
HD-7123LFP7 1/4232024 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$85.95Buy Online
HD-7222LFP7 1/2222024 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$85.40Buy Online
HD-7324RFP7 3/4242126RTM32AS - M32PR$87.25Buy Online
HD-8025RFP82521 1/227RTM32AS - M32PR$88.75Buy Online
PED-346 1/21716 1/218 1/2RTM30AS - M30PR$75.30Buy Online
PED-6471917 1/222RTM32AS - M32PR$80.65Buy Online
PD-217717 1/217 1/4RTM32AS - M32PR$77.75Buy Online
PD-98717 1/217 1/4LTM30AS - M30PR$77.75Buy Online
PD-21671918 1/2RTM32AS - M32PR$79.50Buy Online
PD-7971918 3/4LTM32AS - M32PR$79.50Buy Online
PD-92719 1/218 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$81.45Buy Online
PD-1007 1/420 1/219 3/4RT, Head Down, AggressiveM32AS - M32PR$81.45Buy Online
PD-2157 1/42120 1/4RTM32AS - M32PR$81.45Buy Online
PD-747 1/42120 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$81.45Buy Online
FD-30042 5/86 1/413 1/2LT, Laying, CM (Fawn)20mmWT$55.55Buy Online
FD-300936 1/416RT, Laying, CM (Fawn)20mmWT$58.15Buy Online
PED-WD-17 1/4"19"22"LT - CM34mmWT$85.40Buy Online
PED-WD-27 1/2"19"24"Hard RT - CM34mmWT$89.80Buy Online