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Wild Boar

Life-Size Wild Boar


Life-size and half life-size Wild Boar forms are offered in popular sizes and characteristic poses. Wild Boar shoulder mannikins and Boar rugshell forms are an alternative mounting option.

Display your mount on a realistic looking artificial rock bases or a rich looking life-size wood base.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms.

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
WB-50Yes7 1/2243548 1/2Standing, LT, CM16mmWB$431.25Buy Online
WB-51-OMYes7 1/2243548 1/2Standing, LT, OM16mmWBM1137 - M1137F$431.25Buy Online
WB-54Yes8 3/427 1/241 1/254 1/2Standing, RT, CM18mmWB$460.05Buy Online
RB302LSYes9 1/428 1/242 1/256Walking, RT, OM18mmWB$409.65Buy Online
LWB-6-OMYes9 3/432 3/44256 3/4Charging, LT, OM18mmWBM1138 - M1138F$507.85Buy Online
RB-482-FBYes1034 1/25760Standing, RT, OMC1828WBJWBXLT$577.65Buy Online
WB-55-OMYes8 3/427 1/241 1/254 1/2Standing, RT, OM18mmWBM1137 - M1137F$460.05Buy Online