Wild Boar Half Life Size

Half Life-Size Wild Boar

Half life-size and life-size Wild Boar forms are offered in popular sizes and characteristic poses. Wild Boar shoulder mannikins and Boar rugshell forms are an alternative mounting option to offer your customers.

Display your mount on a realistic looking artificial rock base or rich looking wood base.

View: How To Measure For Half Life-Size Forms.

Mount by Rapalee Taxidermy

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
WB-950 7 1/22435Standing, LT, CM16mmWB$274.40Buy Online
WB-951-OM 7 1/22435Standing, LT, OM16mmWBM1137$274.40Buy Online
WB-954 8 3/427 1/241 1/2Standing, RT, CM18mmWB$290.05Buy Online
WB-955-OM 8 3/427 1/241 1/2Standing, RT, OM18mmWBM1137$290.05Buy Online
LWB-56-OM 9 3/432 3/442Charging, LT, OM18mmWBM1138$320.00Buy Online
RB-482-1/2Yes1034 1/257Standing, RT, OMC1828WBJWBXLT$320.50Buy Online