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Wildebeest - Gnu Eyes - African Series

McKenzie Taxidermy offers the largest selection of quality glass eyes for African mammal mounts in the industry. Many African and Exotic species will use a Whitetail or Antelope style eye. Sold per pair.

AFE Series: Van Dyke's African - Exotic Wildebeest eyes are manufactured with the highest quality glass available. The concave - convex eyes feature a dark aura and base ring. They have a beautiful marbleized veining blended with a reddish brown iris color. Suitable for competition or commercial taxidermy.

AFE2 Series: Van Dyke's African - Exotic Wildebeest glass eyes are a premium quality aspheric shaped lens. The eyes have a marbleized veining blended with a sage brown iris color. The white scleral band which is approximately 4-6mm includes realistic red veins at the corners of each eye. It has a 1-2mm dark limbus band over the sclera. This is an excellent choice for African mounts!

Mount by Lloyd Johnson III

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