Brush-On, Wipe-Off Antler Paint Instructions:

Brush-On, Wipe-Off Antler Paints are concentrated and a little will go a long way. Once you are ready to paint a reproduction or a repaired antler, the Antler Paint must be thinned. Antler Paint can be thinned with water, rubbing alcohol, lacquer thinner or mineral spirits.

Antler Paint colors can be mixed with each other to achieve the correct color and tint. When mixing or thinning use separate containers.

The use of a fan when applying the thinned Antler Paint on the antlers will aid in the drying and also help in ventilation.

Apply the Antler Paint with a brush and move the paint over the antlers like you would if you were staining a piece of wood, controlling the excess to a minimum will give you better results and less waste.

During the drying process a light wiping with a cotton towel will bring the texture of the antlers out. Steel wool can be used to highlight antler tips and bring out the texture on the main beams of the antlers once dried. A second brushing with a dry brush can darken areas that were over-lightened or just to add depth.

Once the Antler Paint dries it will have a flat look, if it has a shiny look then you have too much paint and not enough tint. If you are not satisfied with the color or tint and wish to redo the job you can use hot water to wash the Antler Paint off, dry the antlers and start over.

Antler Paints require a sealer once your are happy with the finished product. We recommend a clear matte finish. Generally about two light coats of the sealer will finish the job.


May be harmful or fatal is swallowed.

May cause skin and eye irritation. Harmful if inhaled. Contains crystalline silica which may cause cancer. Risk of cancer depends on duration and level of exposure to dust from sanding surfaces or spray mist. Contains ethylene or diethylene glycol .



Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Use with adequate ventilation. Wear protective equipment during handing. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep container tightly closed when not in use.

First Aid:

If inhaled, remove victim to fresh air. For eye contact flush with running water for at least 15 minutes. For skin contact, wash with soap and water. If ingested obtain medical attention immediately, Induce vomiting.

Health:3, -Flammability: 1, -Reactivity: I. For commercial use only.

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