How to Use CartilageLiners

How to Use CartilageLiners

CartilageLiners Earliners can be used with or without removing the ear cartilage.

Measure the length of the deer ear from the bottom of the "V" inside the ear to the ear tip.

To determine width, measure the ear across the widest points over the outside curve
of the ear (try not to include hair length).

The CartilageLiner dimensions should be between 1/8" and 1/4" less than the actual ear size.

For best results, apply a bead of Critter Clay around the outside edge of the earliner.

Apply CartilageLiner Ear Adhesive to the liner and to the inside of the ear.

Slide the liner into the ear and position it.

Press out the clay to a thin edge, and smooth out the glue over the entire surface.

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