Item #: DALMB-85
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Arp 3-D Largemouth Bass Reproduction

The Arp 3-D Fish System for Largemouth Bass is ready in minutes, right out of the box - attach the fins and paint it! The forms have no seams and require no grinding. The inner mouth offers excellent detail with no shrinkage. Pre-slotted fins and instructions are included. McKenzie offers a great selection of artifical driftwood and pre-finished habitat bases as display options.

Our Free Arp 3-D Online Video with Mike Gillis explains the steps of using an Arp 3-D fish reproduction.

View: How To Measure Arp 3-D Fish

Length :   24 1/2
Girth :   18 3/4
Weight :   9 Lb 4 Oz
Pose :   LT, S Curve
Eye Size :   16mm (Flex Eyes)