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Large Mammal Tanning Kit

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This kit allows you to professionally tan any larger mammal skin (deer size) using the LUTAN® FN tanning system. The steps involve skinning, rough fleshing, washing, rinsing, dry salting, brine/pickle solution, re-fleshing, neutralization, tanning solution, rinsing, oiling and breaking the hide. This is a real tanning system which takes several days to accomplish, but when your're through, the skin will have been chemically transformed into genuine leather. You will need to purchase Lysol disinfectant, baking soda, and at least 10 pounds of non-iodized salt.

Large Mammal Tanning Kit Includes:

  • 4 ounces Skin Prep

  • 8 ounces Acid Bath Crystals

  • pH Test and Color Chart

  • 10 ounces LUTAN FN (tanning agent)

  • 8 ounces Soft Tan (tanning oil)

  • Skinning and Tanning Instructions

Note: Ships from North Carolina Distribution Center.

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