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Lutan® FN

Size: 1 pound

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This is one of the very best tanning systems in the world. BASF's Lutan® FN has been used for years in many of the top commercial tanneries as well as individual shops of some of today's top taxidermists. It is easy to use after salting, pickling and shaving, a simple one-step soaking process does the trick. The directions are easy to follow, and it produces consistent results every time. BASF's Lutan® FN creates a nice white-colored tanned skin with excellent stretch and pliability for mounting. It has been the favorite tan for years of such notable mammal taxidermists as Brent Houskeeper, Bob Elzner, Jim Hall, and many others. Free illustrated instruction sheet is included with any Lutan® FN order. One ounce by weight of BASF's Lutan® FN effectively tans 1 pound of raw skin. For optimum results, we suggest that you also use non-iodized salt, acid bath crystals, baking soda, and Soft Tan tanning oil.

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