Item #: TMS24
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Description & Details

Body Shine (formerly called Taxidermist Magic)

Size: 32 Ounces

Sold Each

Body Shine is designed to help keep feathers and fur clean and add luster. Special ingredient acts as a dust shield. To use, simply spray onto the surface of the hair or feathers until damp. Allow the Body Shine to penetrate then dry thoroughly. Works exceptionally well on deer. It gives new life to hair and feathers by reflecting the full spectrum of natural light to produce a maximum shine. Contains natural ingredients that help resist the accumulation of dust. The molecular structure bonds ingredients together for a long lasting life. Will not become sticky or gummy with age.

Shake Well Before Each Use

Step 1: Spray on hair, fur or feathers; then hand stroke flat
Step 2: Let dry before hand toweling or brushing.