The WASCO AWARD for the Most Artistic Entry - 1995

The WASCO Most Artistic Entry Award is presented to the most artistic piece in a taxidermy competition. The winner is chosen collectively by all of the judges from the entire competition. WASCO Award winners receive a polished acrylic award and a gift certificate from WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company). The following taxidermists have been recognized by their peers for their innovation, skill, artistic talent and high quality. Clicking on entries highlighted blue will display a photograph of the winning entry.

Darlene Moran, Troy, AL. - Ringtail Cats
January 28, Georgia Taxidermist Association (Winter Show)

Rick Anderson, Omaha, NE. - Crappie and Bluegill
February 5, Nebraska State Taxidermists Association

Carol Poisal, Tallbott, TN. - Miniature Horse
February 12, Tennessee Taxidermists Association

Michael Jankovsky and Mitchell Kelly, Englewood, CO. - Zebra
February 12, Colorado Taxidermists Association, Inc.

Jim Kindig, Marion, IA. - Wild Turkey
February 19, National Wild Turkey Federation

Dennis Smith, Stanfield, NC. - Dall Sheep
February 25, North Carolina Taxidermists Association

Bill Piller, LaSalle, WI. - Waterfowl Group
March 5, Illinois Taxidermy Association

Dennis Arp, Lafayette, CO. - Sockeye Salmon
March 5, Missouri Taxidermist Association

Mike Brock, Wicomico, VA. - Whitetail Deer
March 6, West Virginia Taxidermy Association

Mike Hughes, Sheridan, AR. - Waterfowl
March 11, Southern Regional Taxidermists Convention

Nathan Killen, Castlewood, VA. - Whitetail Deer
March 11, Virginia Taxidermist Association

Wayne Dixon, Greenville, SC. - Wild Boar
March 11, South Carolina Association of Taxidermists

Jody Slusher, Fargo, ND. - Bluegill
March 12, North Dakota Taxidermy Association

Jan George, Mooresville, IN. - Raccoon
March 12, Assocation of Indiana Taxidermists

Joe Segler, Garden City, MI. - Waterfowl Group
March 19, Michigan Taxidermist Association

Allen Stanton, Midlothian, MD. - Brown Trout
March 19, Eastern Regional Taxidermists Competition

Dennis Otero, Albuquerque, NM. - Barbary Sheep
March 26, New Mexico Taxidermy Association

Kevin Conroy, Mibblebury, CT. - Red Fox
March 26, Maine Association of Taxidermists

Tom Weickum, Cheyenne, WY. - Buffalo
April 1, Wyoming Association of Taxidermy Artists

Ed Haberern, New Britain, CT. - Whitetail Deer
April 9, Connecticut Association of Taxidermists

Dennis D'amours, Cap St. Ignace, Quebec. - Pair of Swimming Otters
April 9, Canadian Taxidermists Association

Brian Olson, Platteville, WI. - Redhead Drake
April 9, Iowa Taxidermists Association

Darren Flynn, Loranger, LA. - Gray Squirrels
April 9, Louisiana Taxidermists Association

Greg Robertson, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - Pine Martens
April 9, International Taxidermy Competition

Henry C. Wichers Inchumuk, Prescott, AZ. - Blacktail Rattlesnake and Mourning Doves
April 23, Arizona Taxidermy Artists Association

Mike Pendzimas, Andover, MN. - Eiders
April 23, Minnesota Taxidermy Guild

Gene Duckworth, Manheim, PA. - Brook Trout
April 23, Pennsylvania Taxidermy Association

Marina Westphal, Germany - Great Horned Owl
April 29, Piedmont Taxidermy Mini-Course

Tracey Jacobsen, Orem, UT. - Bobcat and Chuckar Partridge
May 7, Utah Taxidermists Association

Bill Cooke, Sparks, NV. - Brook Trout
May 13, California Association of Taxidermists

Ray Fontana, Fort Salonga, NY. - Woodduck
May 28, New York State Taxidermy Association

J. W. Nettles, Calahan, FL. - Two-Headed Calf
June 3, Florida State Taxidermy Association

Bill Newman, Holdenville, OK. - Largemouth Bass
June 4, Oklahoma Taxidermist Association

Brad Pharr, Denton, TX. - Coyote and Ringtail Cat
June 11, Texas Taxidermy Association, Inc.

Terry Wheeler, Granville, NY. - Wild Boars
June 11, Empire State Taxidermy Association

Tim Sweeny, Athens, AL. - Smallmouth Bass
June 16, North Alabama Taxidermy Association

Mitch Cain, Dairy, OR. - Bear and Squirrel
June 17, Oregon Association of Taxidermists

John Parsons, Derby, KS. - Black Bear
June 25, Kansas Association of Taxidermists

Rodney Schrueurs, Cedar Grove, WI. - Red Squirrel
July 1, International Guild of Taxidermy

Darrell McMicken, Cartersville, GA. - Lion and Wildebeest
July 1, Georgia Taxidermist Association

Devin Amelunke, Jackson, MO. - Whitetail Deer
July 8, Arkansas Taxidermist Association

George Dante, Jr., Totawa, NJ. - Brook Trout
July 16, Garden State Taxidermists Association

Dennis Smith, Stanfield, NC. - Ram
July 16, North Carolina Taxidermists Association

Phil Soucy, Libby, MT. - Cougar
July 29, National Taxidermists Association

Clint Blackburn, Louisville, KY. - Whitetail Deer
August 6, Kentucky Taxidermist Association

Bob Rice, Sanford, MI. - Antelope
September 17, Tennessee Taxidermists Association

Scott Ringenoldus, Spanish Fort, AL. - Bobcat and Crow
August 13, Alabama Taxidermists Association

Mike Brignac, Enterprise, MS. - Whitetail Deer
September 23, Mississippi State Taxidermist Association

Jody Green, McCleansboro, IL. - Whitetail Deer
September 24, The Artist Taxidermy Competition

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