The WASCO AWARD for the Most Artistic Entry - 2009

The WASCO Most Artistic Entry Award is presented to the most artistic piece in a taxidermy competition. The winner is chosen collectively by all of the judges from the entire competition. WASCO Award winners receive a polished acrylic award and a gift certificate from WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company). The following taxidermists have been recognized by their peers for their innovation, skill, artistic talent and high quality. Clicking on entries highlighted blue will display a photograph of the winning entry.

Steve Kinker, Greensburg, IN. - Tahr
February 14, 2009, Association of Indiana Taxidermists

Glenn Molander, Hawthorne, FL - Whitetail Deer
February 21, 2009, Florida State Taxidermists Association

Josh Haynes, Union City, TN. - Wild Turkey
February 21, 2009, National Wild Turkey Federation

William Lloyd Johnson, III, Washington, GA. - Impala and Thompson's Gazelle Group
February 27, 2009, Georgia Taxidermist Association

Jim Kimball, Medford, WI. - Bufflehead
February 28, 2009, Wisconsin Taxidermists Association

Matthew Zimmerman, Denver, PA. - Alligator
March 7, 2009, Pennsylvania Taxidermist Association

Shawn Andres, Arlee, MT. - Elephant
March 7, 2009, Montana Taxidermists Association

Brett DeFreitas, Boaz, KY. - Wild Turkey Pair
March 7, 2009, Southern Regional Taxidermy Convention

Bill Newman, Bismarck, ND. - Pronghorn Antelope
March 7, 2009, North Dakota Taxidermists Association

Jim Hunsaker, Hidalgo, IL. - Red Fox
March 14, 2009, Illinois Taxidermist Association

Bryan Stillwell, Huntersville, SC. - Ringneck Pheasant
March 14, 2009, South Carolina Association of Taxidermists

Duncan Price, Chassell, MI. - Wood Duck
March 21, 2009, Michigan Taxidermist Association

Fred Gonzales, Quentin, PA. - Otters
March 21, 2009, Virginia Taxidermists Association

Tom Matuska, Spirit Lake, IA. - Mule Deer
March 21, 2009, South Dakota Taxidermists Association

Mickey Bowman, Lawton, OK. - Tiger Trout
March 21, 2009, Kansas Association of Taxidermists

Anissa Gallegos, Las Vegas, NM. - Wild Boar
March 28, 2009, New Mexico Taxidermist Association

Roy Wing, Manchester, ME. - Coyote
March 27, 2009, Maine Association of Taxidermists

Dennis Harris, Marlette, MI. - Hyena Group
March 28, 2009, Ohio State Taxidermy Championships

Bret Swanson, North Branch, MN. - Fisher and Ruffed Grouse
March 28, 2009, Iowa Taxidermists Association

John Avalos, Yuba City, CA. - Wigeon
March 29, 2009, California Association of Taxidermists

Mile Nakielski, Iron Ridge, WI. - Oldsquaw Group
April 4, 2009, Minnesota Taxidermy Guild

Joe Strange, Houma, LA. - Redfish
April 4, 2009, Louisiana Taxidermist Association

Gene Galitz, Lander, WY. - Mallard Group
April 18, 2009, Wyoming Association of Taxidermy Artists

Darrick Bantley, Ebensburg, PA. - Mountain Goat
April 18, 2009, West Virginia Taxidermists Association

Dan Heasley, Raymond, MS. - Largemouth Bass
April 25, 2009, Mississippi State Taxidermiy Association

Mark Poirot, Timberville, VA. - Corsican Ram
May 16, 2009, Surry Taxidermy Mini-Course

Gerald Blackwelder, Montrose, CO. - Eider Duck
May 16, 2009, Utah Taxidermist Association

Alain Veilleux, Baie-Comeau, Québec - Otter and Brook Trout
May 17, 2009, L'association de Taxidermie du Québec

Leland Reinier, Craig, CO. - Pedestal Cougar
June 5, 2009, Colorado Taxidermist Association

Kyle Patin, Chapel Hill, TN. - Whitetail Deer
June 6, 2009, Tennessee Taxidermist Association

Gary King, Bloomingburg, NY. - Flying Mallards
June 6, 2009, New England Association of Taxidermists

Bret Swanson, North Branch, MN. - Ross's Goose
June 6, 2009, Nebraska State Taxidermists Association

Chad Hornbuckle, Yreka, CA. - Wood Duck and Mandarin
June 6, 2009, Idaho Taxidermists Association

Rick Davis, Tillsonburg, ON. - Birds of Prey
June 6, 2009, Canadian Taxidermists Association

Ron Kelly, Rockwall,TX. - Peacock Bass Reproduction
June 13, 2009, Texas Taxidermy Association

Randy Terry, Greenwood, AR. - Cape Teal
June 13, 2009, Arkansas Taxidermy Association

Dan Tout, Tucson, AZ. - Coues Deer
June 13, 2009, Arizona Taxidermy Artists Association

Mike McKinley, Westville, FL. - Javelina
June 20, 2009, Alabama Taxidermists Association

Bob Rowe, Stillwater, OK. - Pronghorn Antelope
June 26, 2009, Oklahoma Taxidermists Association

Mitch Cain, Dairy, OR. - Bobcat
June 27, 2009, Oregon Association of Taxidermists

Brian Downes, Landenberg, PA. - Blue-Winged Teal
June 28, 2009, Eastern Regional Taxidermy Competition

Brett DeFreitas, Boaz, KY. - Merriams Turkey
July 11, 2009, National Taxidermists Association

Paul Bacskoczky, Spotswood, NJ. - Wildebeest
July 18, 2008, Garden State Taxidermy Association

Neal Pate, Willow Spring, NC. - Barrows Goldeneye Drake
July 25, 2009, North Carolina Taxidermists Association

Fred Barilla, Carle Place, NY. - Spanish Goat
August 1, 2009, United Taxidermists of New York

Carmen Helmer, DuQuoin, IL. - Northern Shovelers
August 8, 2009, Missouri Taxidermists Association

Brian Banbury, Perrysville, OH. - Wood Duck
August 8, 2009, Kentucky Taxidermy Association

Chris Horne, Mount Joy, PA. - Wild Boars
September 13, 2009, Delaware Taxidermists Association

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