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WASCO Sal Soda

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This useful product is helpful in dissolving meat, fat and grease when boiling skulls and antler plates. If meat, membrane, and grease are not removed, the decaying tissue will attract insects to the mount in the future. To use, simply add a small amount of Sal Soda to salt water in a non-aluminum pan, bring to a boil and immerse the skull or antler plate in the solution. Check the progress occasionally and remove when the flesh turns into a jelly-like substance (within about a half-hour -- no longer). The tissue can then be easily removed by scraping off. Repeat if necessary for an additional 15 minutes. After rinsing, the cleaned antler plate is ready for mounting. To bleach out a skull after boiling and removing the meat, soak the skull in hydrogen peroxide overnight, rinse, and allow the skull to bleach out white in the sun. Re-attach any loose teeth with Zap-a-Gap.

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