Reproduction Antlers by Klaus

Antlers by Klaus are top-quality reproduction antlers and horns. This exclusive selection of world class antlers has been collected and reproduced by Antlers by Klaus master artist and sculptor Klaus Lebrecht. These impressive replicas are fully stained, finished, and ready to use when you receive them. Now you can have a real attention-grabbing display in your showroom of world-class bucks that are indistinguishable from the real thing! These replicas are guaranteed to satisfy even the most scrutinizing clients. Nothing attracts the attention of executive clientele with the same finesse as a mounted display of dream antlers.

Long recognized as the leader in trophy replicas, Antlers by Klaus has earned an excellent reputation for producing the finest quality product available on the market, and we are proud to team up with them to offer this exclusive product line, only available through WASCO, a McKenzie Company. Each replica is handcrafted, and smoothed to remove any trace of the molding process. Then each one is hand painted for a completely realistic look. Then, before shipment, each replica is inspected again to make sure it meets Antlers by Klaus exacting standards. Each set of replica antlers is then carefully packaged and shipped directly from the manufacturer in Wisconsin to assure that it arrives at your studio in excellent shape. Please allow three extra weeks for manufacturing.

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