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Black Bear Heads - Cast Lip / Nose

Cast Lip & Nose System - Black Bear Change-Out Heads

The Cast Lip / Nose Black Bear change-out heads now come with a pre-painted, pre-installed jawset!

The Cast Lip - Nose System is the Greatest Breakthrough ever for open mouth Black Bear mounts. This system features a positive fit ear base for perfect ear placement each time (Ears sold separately), and pre-painted, pre-installed jawset. Change-out heads allow you to change the head on the form you choose. Change-out heads are sold separately; not sold in exchange for the head sculpted for the form.

Saves Time!

Accurate every time!

Pre-Painted, Pre-Installed Jawset!

View: Using Change-Out Heads How To's

Mount by Jim Brandenburg

  Item # AWLMouthEye
BB-842-CL4 1/45 1/810 3/8AOM (Jawset Installed)12mmBRBE2$224.75Buy Online
BB-847-CL4 3/85 7/811 3/8AOM - Jawset Installed14mmBRBE2$227.75Buy Online
BB-850-CL56 3/811 3/8AOM - Jawset Installed14mmBRBE2$230.60Buy Online
BB-852-CL5 1/4712 3/4AOM - Jawset Installed14mmBRBE2$234.80Buy Online
BB-855-CL5 1/27 3/413AOM - Jawset Installed16mmBRBE2$234.80Buy Online
BB-857-CL5 3/47 7/814 1/2AOM - Jawset Installed16mmBRBE3$238.75Buy Online
BB-860-CL6 1/410 1/217AOM - Jawset Installed16mmBRBE3$241.00Buy Online