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Noonkester Mouth Inserts

Snake Mouth Inserts by Noonkester

Snake mouth inserts by Noonkester are constructed from a rigid material and feature outstanding detail. Offered in small to extra large sizes to accommodate most snake forms.

  Item # DescriptionWHPrice  
SIM1Rattlesnake Mouth Insert - Small1 3/16 Inch1 5/16 Inch$22.55Buy Online
SIM2Rattlesnake Mouth Insert - Medium1 1/4 Inch1 1/2 Inch$23.95Buy Online
SIM3Rattlesnake Mouth Insert - Large1 11/16 Inch2 1/8 Inch$25.80Buy Online
SIM4Rattlesnake Mouth Insert - Extra Large2 1/8 Inch2 3/4 Inch$27.75Buy Online