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Life-Size Warthog Forms

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply offers the world's largest selection of life-size forms for the taxidermist. Life-size Warthog forms are sculpted by some of the most talented and knowledgeable taxidermists in the industry.

Artificial Warthog warts and premium quality glass Warthog eyes are available to add realism to your mount.

A large selection of wood bases and realistic looking artificial rock bases are available to add interest and dimension to your mount.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms.

Mount by Northeast Taxidermy Studio

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
WH201LSYes13304755Walking, LT, CM18mmWB$430.85Buy Online
WH250LSYes13304656Walking, STR, CM18mmWB$430.85Buy Online
WTH-27Yes12 1/2324349Trotting, STR, CM18mmWB$509.05Buy Online
AAL-12-LSYes12 1/229 1/243 1/254Trotting, RT, CM18mmWB$534.50Buy Online